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31st Oct 06 The Ballroom Dancing Class were taught  the basics of the cha cha cha at their lesson on Saturday. There are still a few places on this beginners and improvers course, so why not give it a try.  Click (here) to see some photos taken during last Saturday's class.  For more details  of the class click (here)
31st Oct 06 You May Remember that the Poetry Group celebrated the official opening of the village hall by writing poems about the event. Well we now have another  entry by Alison Reed.  ........(more)
30th Oct 06 Bonfire Night. Fireworks & Bonfire at Hullavington Airfield Friday 3rd November. Gates open at 5:00pm. 
30th Oct 06 To Check out Today's Thought for The Day, click on 'Thought for The Day' on the navigation bar to the left of this screen ....or click (here)
29th Oct 06 The Hullavington Art Group is having its Annual Christmas Card, Coffee, Tea and Mince Pie Day this Saturday 4th November. at The Old Surgery, 20 The Street ..............(more)
29th Oct 06 Read Heather Stokes Community News as it appears in the Gazette & Herald. Click here for the news on 26 Oct and here for The Hullavington Community News as it will appear in the Gazette on  2nd November
28th Oct 06 Thought for The Day. This is a new section of the website where philosophical and erudite thought is posted to challenge our minds. If you have such a thought, please share it with us. To see today’s Thought for The Day click (here)
28th Oct 06 The Wildlife Photographer and Conservationist Jean DuPre now lives in Hullavington (Hill Hayes).  Take a look at some of her work  by clicking (Here)
28th Oct 06 A Yoga Beginners Class Starts in Hullavington Village hall on Thursday 9th November. Edgar Stringer & Lydia Holmes teach Iyengar® Yoga. This is a dynamic form of Hatha Yoga, which strengthens, realigns and balances the whole body  ................(more)
If you're interested in joining, call them on 01249716235 or via their web site   http://www.yogatree.co.uk/
26th Oct 06 Ballroom Dancing This Saturday in The Village Hall 3 to 4pm. Li

z says that, there are still a few places left and  although the class has been a great success up till now, unless numbers .................(more) 

25th Oct 06 The Hullavington Jolly Tots parent and baby group got off to a flying start on Tuesday.  There were tots all over the place having fun. Find out more and  see the photos by clicking here  (here)
23rd Oct 06 Read The Poems Written by the Poetry Group to Commemorate   the Official Opening of the Village Hall  ......(more)
23rd Oct 06 Need a homeopath or would like to know more about this form of medicine?  We now have a qualified local  homeopath listed  in the Village Directory.  Read her news letter for more information ........(more)
23rd Oct We now have an Upholsterer and Soft Furnishings business listed in the Village Directory. Karen Clifford  ........(more)
22nd Oct 06 The New Hullavington Village Hall was opened by James Gray on Friday 20th October.  Bob Fenner, the hall project leader,  said ..........(more & photos)
21st Oct 06 Concert In the Village Hall Friday 27th Oct.   Hilary James & Simon Mayor. In aid of the village hall fund.  Is there no end to the class acts performing in our new village hall.   Following the huge success of Naked Voices,  Hullavington has done it yet again in getting  top class musicians to play in our village hall.  Do not leave it  too late in booking. . Many tickets were  reserved  before they had even arrived from there regular fans.   See what the national press have to say about them.   Tickets  are £6/£5 from   Anna Durrant   .......(MORE)
21st Oct 07 The Mums & Tots Group Starts this Tuesday morning  24th Oct in Hullavington Village Hall from  10:00   till 11:30am.  Sharon has been very busy   rustling up  toys and other kit, getting the nod from NWDC,  raising money etc etc  to make it all happen. So here is the opportunity  for mums and tots to meet up  in the Village Hall. Well done Sharon. 
20 Oct 07 Hullavington Christmas Market at the village hall on Saturday 2nd Dec.   A festive market  with   many village small businesses, plus tea and biscuits, gluwein    ............ (more)
20 Oct 07 Hullavington Community News by Heater Stokes.  As written for the Gazette and Herald  ....(more)
19th Oct 06 Memories of Hullavington: This section contains  memories of Hullavington  from past and present Hullavingtonians and goes back over 100 years ..... (More)
18th Oct 06 Official Opening of Hullavington Village Hall by James Gray MP at 7:30pm on Friday 20th Oct.  All villagers are  invited to attend ...(more)
15th Oct 06 Hullavington Film Club. Club news: the next 2 meetings of the film club have been postponed ........(more)
13th Oct 06 Hullavington Poetry Group. Update to poetry group's webpage .....(more)
13th Oct 06 Hullavington Poetry Group. Members  have written a number of poems to celebrate the opening of the new Hullavington village hall. These will be on display at the official opening of the hall by James Gray on 20 Oct. All are welcome to attend. This month the poetry group focused on John Betjeman. Next month the theme is warmth and the Victorian poetess  ... .......more)
13th Oct 06 Good News for Ballroom Dancing in Hullavington Village Hall.   Liz Parry-Williams  says the response has exceeded  her expectations and the class is very nearly full. It looks like  the class will become a regular feature. The class is on Saturday afternoons .....(MORE)
12 Oct 06 NORTH Wiltshire District Council is the second worst performing authority in the South West at collecting council tax. ..............(more)
11 Oct 06 Hullavington Community News.  See Heather Stokes community news for this week as it will  appear in the Gazette & Herald tomorrow. You can also look up back issues  .........(More)
10 Oct 06 More Fun  & Games.   If you have 5 minutes  take a look Can You Believe Your Eyes ; these are optical illusions   and Brain Teasers, which contains  5 puzzles
10 Oct 06 Hullavington Ramblers Walk. Meet & Park:  10:00am at the Small Grain picnic area 2 miles from Calne For further details, please contact  Alan Roberts on 01249446465    Spectacular circular walk  .............  (More)
10 Oct 06 Update to Diary Section for what's on in October  .......(click Here)
7 Oct 06 Hullavington News Needs Help. The Hullavington News is  run by volunteers and  delivered to over 500 addresses  throughout the parish.  Can you help us deliver?  There are a number of roads where we have no one to deliver the News. If anyone is able to help with this please contact .   Linda Hadley  on   837096
7 Oct 06 Hullavington Walks Book. There  are 10 walks plus variations. It's an electronic copy  of the old walks book written by Alan Roberts and John Greenwood. It has been updated to take account of recent footpath changes.  For details and to download the book go to the Hullavington Ramblers website by clicking   (here).  If you have any local walks of your own that you would like to share,   the Ramblers would  love to hear from you. You can easily contact them  on their web site
7 Oct 06 Need a Tradesman or Service. The Hullavington Ramblers web site has a list or personal recommendations for plumbers, electricians etc.  It also has a long list of recommended pubs   & restaurants with peoples comments and experiences. Click (Here) to go to the Ramblers Website  
6 Oct 06 Did you Know  there is an underground city  called Burlington 100ft beneath Corsham.   It has a hospital, police station, school  and  you can take a virtual  tour .  Check it out    on the Useful Links page under title "Wiltshire's Underground City"
6 Oct 06 Beware Oxford Street Malmesbury  is CLOSED and It's a Dog's Dinner and likely to stay that way  until 30 Nov.  If you want to use Cross Hayes car park   do not try getting there by The High Street unless you want a 2 mile diversion. It's best to use Blicks Hill or Whychurch Hill. see map  .........(more)
6 Oct 06 Our Local Thespian PC Dick Warren  Stars in the Panto Dick Whittington.  Coming to a village hall near you very soon. Tickets   available from  Richard Warren on 01666837434. Richard specifically asked you not to use his work number 999  ..............(more)
5 Oct 06 Another Top Class Concert in The Village Hall.  Friday 27th October: Hilary James & Simon Mayor.  Following the huge success of Naked Voices,  Hullavington has done it yet again in getting  top class musicians to play in our village hall. You will need to book early for this concert. Many tickets were  reserved  before they had even arrived from there regular fans.   See what the national press have to say about them.   Tickets from   Anna Durrant   .......(MORE)
5 Oct Would you Trust your Teeth to Any Dentist.  I have to tell you this before I fall off my chair laughing. My wife  just  received an email from her sister about a recent visit to the dentist. It defies belief.  And, to make it worse dentists, according to the Times, now earn 6 figure salaries.    .............   (more)
5 Oct 06 Visits to Web site. In September we had the largest ever number of visits to  the website ........ (more)
5 Oct 06 Ballroom Dancing Classes in the Village Hall. 
Saturday October 14, 3-4pm at Hullavington village hall.  A chance for beginners to learn some basic steps, and for those who would like to brush up their dancing skills in a friendly atmosphere with professional dance teachers. For couples and singles; a number of women have already put their names down, so gentlemen, come and join them! We need a number of people to make the class viable, so please let Liz Parry-Williams know as soon as possible if you are interested.  We hope to keep the cost down to £5.00 per person.  The classes will run fortnightly or monthly depending on demand, leaving free weekends for Christmas shopping etc. Please contact Liz at The Old Surgery, 20 The Street; telephone: (01666) 837713 or email: peac@globalnet.co.uk
5 Oct 06 Anonymous donor makes £5000 gift to the Village Hall. At the Village hall   committee meeting last night the treasurer Mr Bob Fenner reported that he had a received  an anonymous donation of £5000. The Hall Committee members wish to express their thanks to the donor and will be looking to spend  it on  a specific project that will further enhance the hall's capability to meet the needs and aspirations of the community
 1 Oct. 06  Chairman of Hullavington PC (Graham Stokes) Resigns    The Clerk announced that she had received a letter of resignation from Councillor Graham Stokes as Chairman ............... (see para 18 of  PC Minutes)
1 Oct. 06 Hullavington Parish council Minutes  for Sept 13 Meeting.  .................(more)
1 Oct. 06

Hullavington Parish Council- Meeting Scheduled for Oct 11th is Cancelled

1 Oct. 06 Hullavington Community News.  See Heather Stokes community news before it appears in the Gazette & Herald. You can also look up back issues .........(more)

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